Our Story

How We Began

Eric and Charlotte White formed the SKJAJA Fund as a result of a “pay it forward” project. Eric’s sister, Kim, gave each of her family members money on her own birthday to “pay it forward.” They were asked to share with her what they did with the gifted money. To her, the best gift was hearing about how others were helped.

The Whites, whose children participate in many arts and sports activities, decided to help less advantaged children enjoy the same activities. They wanted their efforts to continue and to become self-sustainable, so they pooled their gift money and created the SKJAJA Fund as a non-profit organization. SKJAJA is an acronym of her family’s first names that Glasser uses when giving gifts to family and friends.

In keeping with the concept of paying forward good deeds, and in order for the young recipients to learn that concept, they are asked to pay their gift forward, expecting nothing in return. They can also ask that the next person continue to pay it forward.

Our Mission

The SKJAJA Fund’s mission is to provide underprivileged children in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, North Carolina the opportunity to participate in social and educational enrichment activities such as, but not limited to: team sports or camps, art or dance classes, educational camps; school band/orchestra, etc.

Our People

The board members of the SKJAJA Fund were afforded great opportunities for extra curricular activities as youth. Recognizing that extra curricular activities are important for growth, they work to provide opportunities for others to have the same. See Our People.

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