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Applications are due by the last day of each month


Application process

How it Works

  • Each student requesting funds needs to complete an online application and must include:

    • the name of the student's School Social Worker. 

    • the name of any organization that has referred you to us (see our Partner list).

  • Applications are reviewed and voted on by the SKJAJA Applications Committee, which consists of local community members.

  • Once approved, fees are paid directly to the program.

  • Students who receive funding are asked to Pay it Forward, either through an individual project or by attending a group SKJAJA Service Day.


Due Dates

  • Applications are due by the last day of each month.

  • The committee reviews applications no later than the second week of the month.

  • Students and families will receive an email with the committee's decision, typically within 3-5 business days after the committee votes.

Important Notes

  • SKJAJA currently only funds students in Chapel Hill-Carrboro.

  • In order to be considered for funding, students MUST be referred by:

  • Click here to view the list of activities we commonly fund, and examples of things that SKJAJA does not fund, prior to submitting your request.

  • Students are not required to complete a Pay it Forward project in order to be approved. However, SKJAJA expects that students who return to apply for additional funds will have completed their Pay it Forward project prior to submitting their second application.

Partner organizations

SKJAJA Fund bases student eligibility on referrals and/or an association with our partner organizations. All students must come from a family with limited resources, as determined by their participation with one or more of the following programs (click the link on each program to learn more):

SKJAJA Fund recognizes that there are disparities that make it difficult for certain communities to prosper and prioritizes these students who are most at risk of falling through the opportunity gap. SKJAJA's staff and volunteers actively work to locate and identity students in Chapel Hill-Carrboro who don't have access to enrichment activities, which are so important for their growth and success. By working to level the playing field SKJAJA provides access to activities which will help them to succeed in school, work, and life.


Visit our Why it's Important page to learn more, and if you have any questions, or believe you have a student whose situation is unique, please email us!

Partner Orgs

What activities do we fund?

SKJAJA Fund encourages students to think about activities that are interesting to them, regardless of cost. One student might try soccer for a season, and then taekwondo, only to discover that with all their energy they're actually a drummer! Wherever a child's heart leads them, SKJAJA will help them find their way.

Activities or items SKJAJA often funds:

  • Musical instruments

  • Recreational sports (baseball, football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, field hockey, etc.)

  • Day and overnight field trips

  • Dance/creative movement classes

  • Music lessons

  • Swim lessons

  • Baby sitting training

  • Tutoring or test prep

  • Day and overnight camps

  • Sports equipment

  • Summer/holiday day camps

Summer activities SKJAJA has funded:

  • Local day camps

  • Sports camps

  • Swim lessons

  • High school team sports camps

  • UNC Greensboro Summer Music Camp

  • Reading Skills camp

  • Future Business Leaders of America

What do we fund

Activities or items SKJAJA doesn't fund 
There are some activities or items SKJAJA does not fund:

  • Non-mandatory uniform requests (ie: team warm ups)

  • Competitive sports teams (ie: AAU or travel teams)

  • Yearbooks

  • Prom fees

  • Testing fees

  • College applications

  • Food

  • College admittance/acceptance days or orientation

  • International field trips

  • Any activity involving firearms

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