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What activities do we fund?

Activities SKJAJA often funds:

  • School orchestra or band (through PLAY It Forward instrument program

  • Recreational sports (baseball, football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, field hockey, etc.)

  • Sports equipment and/or attire

  • Sports camps – school and non-school

  • Tutoring or test prep

  • Day and overnight school field trips

  • Overnight summer camps

  • Summer/holiday day camps

  • Dance/creative movement classes

  • Art classes 

  • Music and voice lessons

  • Swim lessons

  • Babysitting training

  • Whatever inspires you!

Summer is busy at SKJAJA. We are proud to partner with summer programs such as:

  • UNC-Greensboro Summer Music Camp

  • local Reading Skills camps

  • Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

  • and many others

Why after-school activities are important

Extracurricular activities are crucial to a child’s development and long-term success. Studies show that students involved in after-school programs have: 

  • Improved school attendance and engagement in learning

  • Improved test scores and grades

  • A more positive impact on their self-concept and decision making

  • Reduced truancy and improved behavior in school

  • Opportunities to create additional peer and adult relationships 

Researchers agree: Dropping out of school is a gradual process that typically begins years before a student even enters high school. Participation in all types of after-school activities – at every grade level – give students the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed.


Activities SKJAJA doesn’t fund

There are some activities or items SKJAJA does not fund:

  • Non-mandatory uniform requests (e.g: team warm ups)

  • Competitive sports teams (e.g.: AAU or travel teams)

  • Yearbook or prom fees

  • Testing fees – Note: We DO fund tutoring and test prep

  • College application fees

  • College admittance/acceptance days or orientation

  • Food

  • International field trips

  • Any activities involving firearms

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