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Why Enrichment?

SKJAJA is committed to closing the opportunity gap in Chapel Hill-Carrboro and ensuring every student has access to meaningful out-of-school enrichment activities. We believe that every child deserves to explore their passions and discover who they are in the world and outside the classroom.

Studies show that student participation in extracurricular activities:  

  • Leads to increased self-confidence, self-efficacy and a higher self-concept

  • Improves learning engagement, school attendance, test scores and grades

  • Creates stronger peer relationships and provides important connections with adult mentors 

  • Provides important life skills like goal setting, teamwork, problem solving, leadership, public speaking and time management

  • Provides productive breaks from academics for self-exploration and personal growth

As schools pivot and rebound from the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, extracurricular activities are even more essential than ever to the social, emotional and mental health of students in grades K-12. SKJAJA is committed to working with Orange County and Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools to support our youth through this transition and beyond. 

Why Service-Learning?

At SKJAJA, we know that connecting to a greater cause than self, experiencing the joy of service and harnessing idealism to make a difference in one’s community is transformative. Research tells us that youth participation in service-learning:

  • Increases academic learning, critical thinking and problem solving skills

  • Increases personal efficacy, student agency and understanding of identity

  • Supports interpersonal development such as team work, leadership and communication skills

  • Reduces stereotyping and facilitates cultural and racial understanding

  • Increases social responsibility, activism and citizenship skills            

We are proud to partner with CHCCS and community organizations on meaningful service activities that maximize impact on self and the community at large.


Opportunity Gap

SKJAJA is committed to increasing student agency and closing the opportunity gap for students in Chapel Hill-Carrboro. Below are some of the resources and research that have guided our work:

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